An Australian Property Dynasty

The Buxton property story began when brothers Richard and John Buxton began working with their uncle William Buckhurst, upon arriving in Melbourne in 1861.

Within a short time of joining his uncle, John Buxton began buying and selling land both on his own account and in partnership. He was only 18 when he bought his first block of land for £52, and would go on to buy and sell many more properties by himself, with his brother and with his uncle.

For over 150 years, the Buxton name has become associated with property reality and development. Associated successful family businesses include Buxton Real Estate, Becton, MAB Corporation, Hamton and Grenade Media.

In 1995 brothers Michael and Andrew formed MAB when they redeveloped Port Melbourne’s Swallow & Ariell biscuit factory into apartments. MAB has since become one of Australia’s most successful, privately owned property development group.

Drawing on generations of experience and a proud family history, B&B Property Group are developing a pipleline of new projects to cultivate the next chapter in this longlasting Australian property story.